Tembusu Partners

develop_an_idea.pngEstablished in 2006,Tembusu Partners has grown to become a leading private equity fund manager in Singapore investing in companies based in Singapore and the Pan-Asian region. Their diversified investment approach has been backed by many years of successful entrepreneurial, operational and investment experience.

Tembusu Partners believes not only in financing early-stage and growth-stage businesses with the goal of well aligned interests and creating returns for all shareholders, but also in building long term value of the company through strategic involvement. Tembusu Partners works with entrepreneurs and management teams that aim to become global leaders in their respective markets, including leveraging Tembusu Partner’s network to help portfolio firms refine their business strategy, build stronger research, technology and operational capabilities, strengthen corporate governance and expand geographically.

Working closely with many start-ups and driven business owners, Tembusu Partners is committed to fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in Singapore. With higher levels of education, skills and learning among the population, a stable economy and internationalisation driving technology, human resources, capital and information flow, Singapore has great potential to become an innovation hub and address many of today’s most-pressing challenges.