Singapore Valley Awards (SVA) is an annual entrepreneurship award that offers students, with the most compelling business ideas, a fully-sponsored internship in China with world-leading technology companies and venture capital firms in China.

The initiative seeks to inculcate a sense of innovation and entrepreneurship among Singapore undergraduates through entrepreneurship in practice. The main objectives include:

1. Deepening the understanding and appreciation of the China market
2. Acquiring an attitude towards innovation, and network especially in the high growth technology sector
3. Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in Singapore undergraduates

Up to 9 students will be selected for a three-month internship, commencing in 2018, allowing them to gain first-hand access to the startup eco-system, and the opportunity to meet with founders of the sponsoring companies.

Award winners will receive S$2,000 per month during the internship period.

The award is seeded by an initial contribution of S$3.35 million by a group of entrepreneurs with a China-centric business experience, and supported by Tembusu Partners and the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

The SVA is co-chaired by Mr Pang Sheng Dong - Founder, 2345.com and Mrs Lim Hwee Hua - Executive Director, Tembusu Partners, and is seeded by the following members:

  1. Pang Sheng Dong - Founder, 2345.com
  2. Eddie Wu - Managing Director, Alibaba Singapore
  3. James Sheng - General Manager of Alibaba Singapore
  4. Wang Yue - Founder, KingNet
  5. Calvin Cheng - Chairman, Retech Technology